Miles Between Us

Feelings Dear,

Sometimes it’s so easy
To just lose track of time.
The weeks and months just pass us by
And it seems like such a crime!

So many times I think of you
And wonder how you are
There are many miles between us
And yet, you’re not that far

I wonder if you’re happy

With your job, family and loved ones
And I hope you’re doing just fine
And finding joy in living

It’s a shame we sparingly talk
We really should talk more,
‘Cause if there is one thing for sure –
That’s what friends are for!

I really miss talking to you
I wish we talk everyday

About the good times of our lives

And the fears of the past

Years have come and gone
And you’re still so nice a friend
How admirable and amiable you are!
I hope we’ll remain wonderful friends.

I hope we’ll keep in touch.



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